Only with the versatility and
prices of CHI TSENG Grinders
can meet the needs for both
big factories and job shops.
Compare CHI TSENG grinders
with any other-qualitywise and
pricewise according to your
individule needs then you will
see the reality!
CT-357L CT-357L
This machine with C21S2 heavy
duty spindle fixture is siutable for
heavy duty cutter sharpening and
continous cylindrical grinding.
Picture above shows the 357L
with special accesory C2DH-1.
motor driven workhead, making it
more universal for O.D. grinding.

CT-357M CT-357
  1. 90º "V" type slide way can bear
    power of each side.
  2. Slide way is by well heat-
    treatment, very durable.

  3. Adoping cylindrical supporten
    precision pitch, it can take
    more strong strength.
  4. Has a low friction between
    cage and the cylindrical
    suppouter, thus the working
    table a smooth movement.
With the universal grinding
spindle fixture C21S1 and
18400/16465 spindle speeds
, this model is CHI Tseng
series can maintian standard
cutting tools as well as I.D.
This standard utility type machine
can be tooled to meet all your
immediate needs. Equpi with
C21S1 or C21S2 whenever you
need to make it into a universal
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