Universal Cuttur Grinder - CT-U2 Feature:

For grinding HSS and carbide engraving
cutter as well as single lip or multiplelip
cutters of various shapes such as radiused
cutter or negative taper angle of cutters.
The inversal index head is provided at 24
positions so that any particular angle or
shape can be obtained, free 360º or 10º
rotation is allowed for grinding End Mills,
Twist Drill, Lathe Tools, only replace the
attachment to the index head without any
complex setup.

Universal Cuttur Grinder - CT-U2
Technical Data
Max. collet capacity 18mm
Max. grinding dia. 25mm
Taper angle 0º-180º
Rellef angle 0º-45º
Negative angle 0º-26º
Ginding spindle 3600r.p.m.
Cup grinding wheel 100x50x20mm
Motor 1/3HP,1-2PH, 110-380V, 50/60Hz
Net weight 45kgs
Machine dimensions(LxWxH) 450x100x350mm
Packing dimensions(LxWxH) 550x450x470mm

Standard Accessories
Wheel dresser with dimond 1pc
Wheel flange (mounted) 1pc
Grinding Wheel 1pc
Collet 4,6,8,10,12mm 5pcs
Aligning finger 1pc
Drive belt 1pc
Lock pin 1pc
Tools 1set

Optional Accesories
  1. Ginding wheel balancing start
  2. Diamond grinding wheel
  3. Tool cabinet
  4. Collet 1,2,2.5,3,5,7,9,18,20,25mm and
    1/8",3/16",1/4",5/16"3/8",1/2",5/8" inch
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